18 Sunday, March 2018

Halfway through my break, and trying to survive on Mars.


Yep that's right, I've been Surviving Mars which was given to me as my birthday present by a good friend of mine, been mostly playing that all day yesterday, while even on an easier setting it's still fairly hard to manage, which is a good thing really. But yes other than that I've been working on some more plots for stories, while there was one which I had to swap with another idea, I've done a new lot of sixteen stories to get round to writing up sometime, should also last me long enough till my next time off from my writing.

But yeah for games, it's been mostly just Surviving Mars, been keeping an eye on other things, such as War Thunder which has updated, but with some glaring issue with things which still haven't been sorted and makes playing the game somewhat disheartening and frustrating, but anyway that's really it for games currently since I'm waiting to be paid to get my next lot for my collection, which has fallen behind a little due to trains.

Speaking of those, have traded in some of the ones I did get from Hattons, as I want to go with a Southern themed larger layout now, I wanted to get a couple more within the right region, does mean I either have to search for older models, for example a Class M7 tank engine which mostly doesn't seem to be available widely, only found it here and there. Or I have to make them using donor parts and kit build it, like a Class 204 DEMU. But it will be done at some point, and hopefully it'll look fairly good, but it'll be a long while till I've finished it all.

Now then, this brings me to my birthday, not a lot happened really which is how I prefer it, not into parties or fancy crap, I just like a quiet birthday with loved ones, though did opt to not have a cake this year, had birthday muffins instead, allows more variety, lasts longer and can spread it out over the days better to help with my diet, so good times. But yeah that'll be it for this week, over the following week I should be doing more story writing again, so stay tuned for that, might try and get all the write ups done but depends really. ah well, hope everyone has a good one, take care.

12 Monday, March 2018

Renham Downs Update #2

Finally some progress, and yeah I know, I thought I was going to do this on a weekly basis, but I didn't think you'd really want me to do articles about the locomotives I've got, more so when I'm tempted to replace some of them to go with my Southern theme for my later layout.

Anyway onto the progress, as you can see in the following image, I've been putting down some of the grass and have mostly done all the ballasting, there's still a few bits here and there, like where the power comes in, but it's done (thankfully), as for the grass, it's mostly done, was my first attempt, but it went better than the ballasting, bit patching in places, but can solve that with some more glue... once that finally arrives as I ran out of scenic cement, have used some standard PVA to do the main cork area, but still need that coating of cement to keep it all down and lay another layer of grass on top.


After this I'll be cleaning the track and giving it yet another run/connectivity test to make sure everything is fine, but as you can see on some of the later pics, I've been playing around with bushes, and am quite pleased with how they are going so far, still need to get some proper hedgerows and that lot, but it's all getting there. Was somewhat stuck on what to work on next, either the buildings, water features and things, however I've decided to carry on with the plant work, and work on the trees next as placing them down will give me an idea of how to arrange more low level brush work, plus I feel it'll really help bring out the layout some more.

2018-03-11 21.15.45.jpg100_1833.JPG

Buildings will mostly be Metcalfe for the most part, but will be using Scalescenes for the platform and maybe the engine shed to give those kits a try, always good to practice beforehand for later projects. Speaking of which, have had to redesign my larger one since I'll be making it just a tad bit bigger, but that's for another series of blog posts, maybe some videos on it too when I'm making it all.

Which now brings us to an end for this post, hopefully by next time I'd have all the grass sorted out and also some more of the bushes done, though it'll be before I get paid so I won't have time to buy any of the trees I wanna have a go at, so might see about that engine shed from Scalescenes and give that a go, hope everyone has a good one, take care.

11 Sunday, March 2018

Time for a break...


Yup, it's now time for my yearly.... yes yearly planned time off from work, all for the one day of the year where I don't need to give a damn, aka my birthday, which is next week, don't expect me to make a separate post about it, I plan to stay mostly in bed that day. But yes anyway I've got two weeks off work and I do plan to make the most out of it all.

For starters, I do have some story ideas I wanna hash out, not too sure how to do them just yet but there are a few which I'd like to have a go at, some longer stories at that too. Also have done this weeks story, which is part one of a longer story, which seems to be going... mostly alright, tad bit hard trying to begin it since it's just got the single character really so far, might see if I can improve on that in the next part.

For gaming... well as always not done much over the past week, but with two weeks off I do plan on playing something, might even have a bash at completing Breath of the Wild or maybe Mario Odyssey or whatever else I've got laying about. Not really sure if I'll do anything with War Thunder, might have a go at air battles again, might see if Naval Action have anything new though it's development is a tad slow... and yes I know I need to look at the new update for Elite, just not got around to it just yet and I do plan on getting those PS3 games I keep mentioning every so often when I get paid again at the end of the month.

What I definitely will be doing is working on my N Gauge stuff some more, while I won't be discussing much about the layout I'm doing at the moment I have decided that I'll be leaning more towards Southern Railway/Southern British Rail Region engines for my larger layout, there will be a few vehicles from other companies and regions but since I live in the south, I figured I might have a go at getting more to represent my local area... somewhat. Does kind of limit what I can field but there are some nice ones I wouldn't mind having. Oh and have decided for now that N Gauge updates will most likely be either two weekly or just whenever something significant has happened to the layouts.

And I think that'll be it for this week, next week will be after I become older, hopefully nothing bad will happen on my birthday, just want a quiet day and maybe a slice of cake, that will do me. Hope everyone has a good one, take care all.

4 Sunday, March 2018

Snow today, gone tomorrow


Well, nearly... it took another day to fully go, but yes it snowed quite heavily all over the country, unfortunately didn't stop me getting to work, not that I could do a lot when I got there, all my department's work was done and had to help out on another, which was either quickly done with everyone helping or wasn't really needed. So ended up using my ample amount of holiday time to cover it all, hopefully anyway. Only issue is that since I was sent home, I wasn't able to attend a meeting about my hours, did mention it to my section leader but he told me not to worry about it and reschedule...

Anyway onto much more interesting things, have done yet another story, doing a thousand words a day... yeah I know it's still not much but I'll slowly climb my way up to the higher numbers again, did use to be able to do a few thousand a day... till I burnt myself out... this is about my long story which I've yet to release and yet to sort out, but yeah hopefully by end of the year I'll be doing two thousand a day or more and making much more interesting stories with that.

Onto gaming, well not much to say, since I haven't yet gotten round to getting those Playstation 3 games, as I'm putting those off till next month, spent a bit too much on trains and need to repay things.... again yes I know, I'll solve it soon, technically I can now but gonna wait till closer to payday again. However one bright bit if I didn't mention last week, have finally gotten that 2600 game, either the original one I ordered or the one the seller sent afterwards, but have got it now, so at least it's something. But yes for gaming, it's not really been much this week as I've mostly been watching people play games than play much myself at the moment, did a bit of War Thunder bout that's bout it. Still need to do Elite at some point.

Now then, the bit which has cost me a lot recently, yes my trains, as you can see I've been doing a separate post for the updates, so if you want more in depth info on what I'm doing with that, feel free to read there, but yeah I've been buying more trains and rolling stock, also do plan on making my nephew a small temp layout with some spare coaches and wagons with a cheap train (cheap for N gauge at least) for his birthday, something like a little tank engine, would be using some left over track I've got which I don't really have plans for currently, might be good, definitely won't do much for Scenery though considering it'll most likely be ruined by him and his sister heh.

Which now brings us to an end for this week's blog post, hoping that the weather sorts itself out by the time I go to work next, also hoping my reappointment for my meeting isn't during my two weeks off... here's hoping, stay safe everyone, take care.

26 Monday, February 2018

Renham Downs Update #1

Well this is my first post for my current N Gauge Project, Renham Downs, which is mostly just to practice how to do things, so yes it'll be rough and untidy, but it's meant to give me experience in learning how to do these things right when I get round to making a larger layout, so here we go, let's start with the plan.


Here it is after creating it in XTrkCAD, printing it out and then drawing on the scenic details with just normal ballpoint pens, as you can see it's quite a simple layout, just a single double loop with a single siding before modification, later on I decided to split that into two sidings under a small engine shed. In the centre is a small hamlet of a couple of houses, a shop/cafe, a park area and a stable block situated near the lone platform, access is given via a single road which has to cross the tracks. The top left is going to be a more wooded area as the train passes between two low hills, top right is just a couple of fields, same with the bottom right though thinking of making that more of a wild field littered with some poppy flowers.

Now let's show off how things went so far.

100_1805.JPG 100_1807.JPG

First attempt at the track, messed up the ballasting seriously, and ended up buggering up the track's connectivity to the point that I had to remove everything and just start again, soaked the entire board with water and spent a good hour or so removing both the ballast and trying to salvage as much track as I could, luckily I only lost a small amount of the track, cleaned it all off and tested it's connectivity to be sure.


Now then, as you can see I've finished the basic landscaping, still didn't quite go as planned but figured I'd just go with it for now, I'll do some more practising for it on another spare bit of board, but yeah have finished off that bit, painted all the white plaster, gave the cork a darker shade of brown and also painted where the ballast will go as well, the next stage is to use double sided tape to hold the track, will also do a bit more wiring than just connecting the controller directly to the track, will put about three points to power the track a bit more reliability, also going to definitively make sure that the track is completely fitted next time too.

And I think that'll be it for this update, while I was planning this to be a weekly thing, it'll be a while till I can get the next lot of stuff to add anything more than taping down the track for next week, might do a post showing off all the engines and rolling stock that I've got so far and what I plan to do with them all, also will be allowing comments in these posts so feel free to let me know what you think so far.

Anyway hope everyone has a good one, will show off more when I've done some more work on it, tempted to do the same for my other hobbies but that's for another post, take care.

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