20 Sunday, May 2018

Big Stompy Mech Game


Got myself the new Battletech game, and it's exactly what I wanted in a mech commander game (well a turn based one), but have been giving that game a go and quite enjoy it, not been doing much of the story missions so far, just been killing everything else really and stealing their stuff. Also managed to pick up Hearts of Iron 4 as well since it was on offer, so that's another game where I can take over the world, which always great fun for the whole family.

But yeah, haven't just been playing games this week, have done another story, this time a Kancolle one which I managed to get most of it done within two days... which left me to play games most of the week... and spend more money, but anyway hopefully I'll be able to do the same with a couple of other stories which are easy to write about, though I know there's some which are just a slog to get through. Also have had a new idea for another Zombie story, but it will be a long while till I get round to writing about that.

Now then, we already know what I've been doing for games, well PC games, putting off console ones again for another month to get some N gauge stuff bought before it goes out of stock, but mostly bought some more scenery stuff to get to work with and also most the coaches I'll ever need, as the last ones I need to wait till they are released or are 3D printed ones. Could still get some more Wagons and things but those are cheap (in comparison), so can get them another time really. Also been working on the design of my next layout some more, mostly rearranging things to make it bit more interesting, should hopefully look good.

But that brings this post to a close for this week, hopefully next week I'll have both another story done (within the first few days) and also might be able to get some scenery work done for my layout for another proper N gauge update to write about... and also get paid and repay my savings account... once again, but it's better than using my credit card, doesn't charge me interest if I leave it too long when paying back! But yeah, hope everyone has a good one this week, take care all.

14 Monday, May 2018

Renham Downs Update #5


As you can see, I have a growing family of Southern engines now, though the 4CEP doesn't have all it's units on the track in the shot (too much hassle for little reward), but yeah have got a good deal of them now, and do plan to get more, but I'll go into that in a little bit, mostly using this update to give you an idea of what I plan to do with the layout when I finally get all the stuff I need for it.

For starters, I'll be getting some more trees, mostly different kinds from what I've got currently to mix things up a little, some will be premade from a pack which will be some smaller sapling like ones, will spread them here and there between the two wooded areas, will also be trialling out some puffy trees made form painted toy filling with course flock on the outside, have seen another modeller do them and thought they looked quite good, so gonna have a try placing them here and there.

Will be looking into getting some fences, both wooden ones for between the two gardens and also metal ones for around the park like area, will also look into some non-lightable street lamps just to add to the scene, which reminds me, will also be getting some road/path stuff from scalescenes to define where the road is properly rather than just have it as black painted cork. Will also be adding a bus stop near the station too.

Let's see, will also be attempting to work in some more foliage around the base of the buildings, mostly to break up the abrupt connection points, and to make them look as if stuff is growing on the buildings too. Also might try and add some dirt area around the two fields in the one corner as a border before adding the wheat fields like static grass, oh and will be making varies static grass tufts and also buying a few flower bed ones to strategically place around the layout, should hopefully look nice.

Now then, for trains well as you've notice in the picture above, one of my trains isn't like the others, the LB&SCR E2 with extended tanks is a 3D printed engine, though it's long from being finished, and still working out how to attach it to the chassis that isn't using glue, that is if I don't break it before then, might just get a Langley kit version, have also got plans for a LSWR S15 engine, have already bought the chassis for that though waiting for next payday for the body, also watching a SR Z Class on ebay, however given how rare it is, it's price keeps jumping on the bid, might try and snipe it at the last minute or just get other tank engines.

Anyway that's it for this update, will be a little while till the next one, but hopefully will have some more to post about once I buy all the new things I need to sort out the layout, anyway hope everyone has a good one, take care all.

13 Sunday, May 2018

Seems that the sun took my advice


Yep, it's now grey and cloudy outside, with mild spots of rain now than then, but that's generally how I prefer it, much better than roasting to death, don't mind a bit of sun just not blazing hot. Anyway so what has happened this week? well my bike was nearly stolen, I say nearly as the guy stole the bike which was sat right next to mine at the outside bike rack, had to put it there till I learnt the new code for the bike shed.

But yeah it had a good centimetre thick chain round it, which was in two pieces on the floor, quite sure no one would steal my bike, for one it's a bloody death trap and two... well it's a bloody death trap, brakes barely work for starters, if someone nicked it they'd end up in hospital or the morgue afterwards. Anyway onto other news, have done a new story, trying out a theme which seemed interesting, mostly set in a Dungeons and Dragons setting with a twist, hopefully an interesting one, so feel free to have a read in the downloads section.

Let's see, well have gotten all the games I ordered for now, finally came in the post a little late, but it's here now, so really don't care. Got nine PSP games lined up for next payday. Oh and most importantly, I managed to win that train on eBay, at the lowest price it was going for on the bid... which was still a lot but either way, I've got it now, am happy, bought myself the other expensive train, spent too much but still happy, will most likely do some posts about it tomorrow to show them all off, finally, also will go over what I plan to do next with the layout till I can finally get some more stuff for it.

Think that's pretty much it for this week, only other thing I wanted to talk about was that I keep being tempted b doing a simple comic series, nothing fancy, in fact it'll be quite rough, will be leaving in all the guidelines I use to draw and will be done completely in a single colour of ballpoint pen, will hopefully be something interesting to read on here. Though not too sure what to do as the comics etc, but will work that out sometime, for now just practising as you can see with the above doodles. Anyway I think that'll be it for now, so hope that everyone has a good one, take care.

6 Sunday, May 2018

Someone turn the bloody sun off....


It's too bleeding hot... well more so on the way home when I'm still wearing my rain coat in case it tips it down in the morning... though next day I'm going to work I'm switching to my fleece hoodie, might be bit chilly in the morning but that's easier to deal with than melting to death on the way home, but anyway what have I been doing this week? Well I've done yet another story (unsurprisingly), this one is something like what is between the universes, if somebody had built something to access them all. Why they built this? how they did this? much mystery, I might make it into a series since I've left a far bit of things unanswered. Also have moved one of my older stories which had a crap name into the stories section too, with a better name of course.

On about gaming now, well I've bought more Playstation 3 games, nearly got all the ones to get the minimal amount for my collection, though still waiting on the last one to come through, thinking the bank holiday coming up is slowing down the post coming through... as always, either that or there's been a mix up with the order since the previous package from the seller had two games which were said to be in two packages and the missing one was meant to be with one of them, yet isn't... yeah I dunno either, I'll give it a few days and see what happens, wasn't all that expensive anyway. Next console I'll be working on will be the PSP since that's fairly cheap to buy for currently, might also pick up the last few Playstation 1 games I'd like as well before tackling the Vita.

Now then, onto my N Gauge stuff, well I've bought some more stuff, much to the stress of my bank balance but one was on offer and the other was a rare vehicle, and finally managed to win an auction on eBay, still waiting for them both to arrive (bloody bank holiday), however I'll explain more when I finally get them and during a Renham Downs update, which might be a little while since need to get paid once again to buy some more scenery stuff.

As for playing games, as nearly forgotten about that, have noticed that Stardew Valley multiplayer is in beta now, might see if I can have a go at that at some point, just need to find time to meet up with one of my friends who also has the game so can play together, let's see, not really played much recently, mostly just been working on stuff again, was thinking of looking into getting a train sim game, half due to interest in that and also seeing if the models could be used for 3D printing... yeah it's most likely not allowed but will see if can use one as a base for one I'll do myself, which now brings this weeks post to an end, hopefully I won't melt to death over the next week and hoping to do a semi-update to my N Gauge stuff to show off what I've been working on while waiting for bits, hope everyone has a good one, take care all.

30 Monday, April 2018

Renham Downs Update #4


Been a while since I've done one of these, but have finally gotten something to post about, first of all the above is my current lineup of Southern Engines, got another one on the way, from the back is a Schools Class express passenger engine, then there's the N Class which is currently my favour tender loco, then the M7 which I got in a trade, then the lovely little Terrier which sounds like a bleeding bee when it goes round, anyway.


As you can see, I've been busy building and gluing stuff, got all the buildings done now, not shown in the picture as glued some more afterwards, but yeah as you can tell I've also added some more hedges, they were quite thick till I cut them length ways to make them more manageable and also spread them around, the station is done along with the buildings on it, got my two houses, the pavilion and the shops done, just need to sort out the crossing and also add some static grass to flesh out the fields in the top left.


Also been thinking of changing the bottom left into another woods, after sorting out the grass in the area first, the other wooded area I'll have to put the grass onto some strips of glue first then place them strategically, I won't overdo it but will attempt to make it look nice. I've done the two ponds with realistic water, waiting for it to set, still need to do the river which I'll do in the morning (the morning after I write this, so it's most likely done by the time you read this).


As you might be able to see, I did cock up the station platform somewhat, I misread the instructions, figured it was too awkward to try and attempt to fix it so just carried on, might as well make it look nice even if it's wrong. The top of the platform started discolouring due to the glue, as wasn't able to give the paper a coat of varnish due to the weather, upon reflection I think I'll do the platforms somewhat more simply next time, most likely just solid bits of card and build it up how I want then layer it rather than somehow build a frame under it.

Only other thing I've got coming is my first kit engine, though it's mostly just a body shell from Shapeways which I just need to paint and glue together and add decals to, so nothing really all that difficult, will try to add some detail to it at some point, mostly bought it to try out a 3D printed body verses a brass/white metal one, if it all goes well I might commission the creator if they can do some other locomotives for me. Which brings this update to a close, hope you've enjoyed seeing what's changed so far, I know nothing is perfect on this layout, but it's my first attempt and learning along the way, hope everyone has a good one, take care.

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