17 Sunday, December 2017

And now the time has come...


When Christmas draws near, and for some strange reason people seem to lose their minds over the fact that the shops are shut for a day... yeah seriously it's just a day. Same as christmas really, that's just a day and people seem to go insane about it, to me it's not really much different than any other day, though considering I've worked in retail where christmas is mostly still work with long hours for everyone, no time off for the poor workers till after christmas and new years is done with... anyway onto more important things than ranting.

I've had some time off to have a rest and get some plot work done, and oh boy have I done some plot work, more or less got sixteen stories ready for summery write up in the weekend the rest of the week has mostly been a break for me, was tempted to do more but I need to seriously work on some more initial story ideas sometime and have only got a few left till I need to work on their plots again. But for now I've got a nice backlog which will keep me busy till I have my next time off from writing, which will also be the same time I have time off from work for my birthday which is quite nice.

Anyway what else is there, oh yes I've bought more games, got some more Game Gear games, had seven come in last week and just bought another fourteen or so this week, which means I've pretty much finished off my minimal amount of games for that library, will work on Dreamcast next, speaking of which one of the games I just got for it is based upon an awesome cartoon from my childhood, Wacky Races. More or less Mario Kart but with the Wacky Races theme on it, pretty much suits the cartoon, oh and also can't remember if mentioned last week, but did also pick up some more Switch games, one of those being Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, which is also quite fun to play.

But other than those, I've not been playing all that much, mostly browsing the net and watching stuff on Youtube for the most part, do think I should get round to finishing Zelda: Breath of the Wild at some point as well and half a dozen other games, but I'll get round to it sometime, in the mean time I'm most likely just gonna be playing Mario Kart when my nephew comes over on the weekends... might see if I can get him into Worms WMD when he's older heh. Anyway I think that does it for this week, next week is the dreaded time called Christmas, but till then I hope everyone has a good one, take care.

10 Sunday, December 2017

Finally, time for a short break before the Xmas rush


Yes that's right, I'm gonna be taking some time off from my writing again, which I do every three months, will give me time to work on some plot work for some more stories, also gives me some time to have a rest before the run up to Christmas and the ensuing chaos which awaits, never really keen on this time of year, too many people doing stupid things for silly reasons, but it keeps them happy and for the most part out the way.

But anyway, have done this week's story, and is already put up for reading, this one is trying to be a little bit more silly and funny, while also reflecting on how tempting the idea is to people who might be in the same situation as that, though it's mostly just a funny idea I had and just went with it, the next few stories I'll be working on the plot work for are mostly stuff which popped into my head, though there will be a few which are based off other things, at least one of them is based off an old MS-DOS era game, will hopefully flesh out some of them over the weekend before I work on them fully.

Which now leaves us with games and stuff, have gotten paid and now can expand my collection once more, though to start with, I'm quite sure that last Game Gear game has gone missing, including the second one the seller had apparently sent as a replacement, though it was less than three pound, so it's not really all that much of a loss, mostly annoying really, but if it turns up it turns up, if not it's not that much of a problem. But anyway onto what I was gonna say, mostly trying to work out what to get next, I could either continue filling out my Sega games or work on something else, tempted to get some more Sony games or some cheaper Nintendo ones, though I might wait and see what I can get from work when it's the next discount day before anything else.

What else, still playing War Thunder, which has announced that French tanks are arriving, which while nice, doesn't interest me that much, just hoping that they add a couple of things for everyone else rather then just EVERYTHING IS FRENCH, but we'll have to wait and see. Nearly got my second Chieftain tank, the Mark Five, though I might end up buying some gold to bypass some of the annoying parts of grinding modules. Also must remember to shave this week, kinda forgot to do that last week since it was my Father's birthday.

And on that note, think that'll be it for this week, will start off my writing again next week, though do hope to at least get four more plot works done by then, though I hope I can do more than that. Hope everyone has a good one, take care.

3 Sunday, December 2017

Still got a damn cold, also nearly payday Hazzah!


Yep that cold is still there, doing all sorts of crap with my body, one moment hot, other times cold, sore throat, coughing, blocked nose the usual crap with having a cold, but that's quite normal this time of year. So anyway yes it's nearly payday again, nearly time to start adding more to my collection again, though do need to hold back a little to give my bank balance a break... I say this but I know I'll most likely spend too much than planned again...

Still waiting for that last Game Gear game, which is most likely helping me not spend as much as I do like to wait for everything to arrive first before buying more, did get in contact with the seller and they have sent me another one, which hopefully will arrive next week, bit annoying that it's gone missing but it's not really worth all that much, knowing my luck I'll end up with both of them next week and have to work out what to do with the spare. Still trying to sell that bleeding guitar of mine, one day I'll get rid of it.

Anyway onto other things, not really played all that much, did play a tad of War Thunder, which oh yeah French tanks are coming soon, still hoping to have more British stuff soon as well but eh... hopefully there's one thing in there at least. Mostly just been playing some web-games really just to pass the time while also listening to youtube videos in the background, I really should get round to playing some of these games I keep buying though might just wait till after I've finished my collection before doing so, not really sure currently.

What else is there, oh yeah I'll be taking some time off from my writing soon, mostly to get rid of this cold the best I can, to write up some more plots for some new stories and to have some rest while the Christmas rust starts at work, honestly it's only Christmas yet people are buying as if their house is under siege for a month... which might be true really, I dunno really, might just be my headache making me a little for irritable, might also need some more sleep as well. Also just remembered have done another story again, based off an old classic game which I loved playing when I was younger, can still get it on GOG and steam, but anyway I'll leave this post as it is now, hope everyone has a good week, take care and mind the busy shops!

26 Sunday, November 2017

Damn you Nintendo... and damn this cough...


Bloody Nintendo having the nerve to hold a sale on their games, honestly it wasn't bad that somethings were thirty percent off, but they also had some at fifty and EVEN seventy, how the hell am I meant to NOT spend any bleeding money when they do that sort of thing, though I did save myself quite a bit of money while also getting four games for my 2DS, instead of spending £150ish I only had to spend £70 so was quite the bargain, picked up Zelda: Triforce Heroes, Bravely Default, Ever Oasis and 7th Dragon III, also got most of my Sega games through the post as well, adding eight new Master System and two Game Gear games to my growing collection, though still waiting on one of them but should be here soon.

Anyway what else have I been up to? well I've done some writing as always, also got some summery work done for one story as well as some plot work, will work on more over the next week, however I'll have to work on more summaries soon for new stories as well as working out more stories in general to write too, might see if there's something old I can rewrite as well as working on some sequels to other stories.

Onto other things, as you can guess from the above, I've now got LA Noire, and am quite impressed with it on the Switch, however still need to get use to the controls for shooting, but otherwise am pleased with it, just need to get good at the game now, another thing which I've been doing is looking at my Battletech models, as I was into collecting them, might finally get round to painting them now, though a much smaller portion of it, but will be trying to make them look quite pretty including stylising the bases, just need to get the stuff to do so.

Let's see, have been doing some War Thunder and Rimworld, however mostly just been roaming the net and working on some other things, such as working on a Christmas drawing like I did last year, have already got the basic look of it done, but will work on it when I've got some more time and all, might even try to make it into some Christmas cards to send to some friends, but we'll have to see how things go, if it won't be done in time I'll work on something somewhat easier to use instead, but I think that's it for this week, hopefully will get more stuff done by next week, also hope not to spend anything else either... but yeah hope everyone has a good one, take care and keep yourselves warm and well during the cold season, see ya.

19 Sunday, November 2017

Adding more to the collection...


Yep, I've just bought a whole lot more games to add to my collection, first of all is my new Switch game, LA Noire, been a while since I played a Rockstar game and figured I'd give this one a try, plus it's another game for my Switch (up to six now), let's see there's also Metal Marines for the Super Nintendo, a strategy game which are always my personal favourite genre, bought eight Master System games and two Game Gear games to add to my Sega collection, and I'm staying on top of my spending for this month, still got a fair amount left over in case anything pops up, if not then it's a good amount to carry over to the next month, for more spending on games.

Let's see... oh I've been watching some Star Trek Voyager, nearly finished watching the entire series, currently on the last of season six, also figured I'd give Made in Abyss a shot since I've seen some interesting artwork from that anime, and for the most part it's quite good, still wanting to learn more about it, however one strange thing did happen while I was watching a rather... well gruesome scene, I think I may have fainted...

Or at least partially anyway, felt quite dizzy and my head was throbbing, and general confusion as to what was happening, while the scene was somewhat made me slightly squeamish (though stuff like Corpse Party have little effect on me), I don't really think it was the show which did it, might just be due to a little dehydration and the fact the central heating turned on, and I can't really deal with heat all that well.

Anyway, I've also done some more writing as always, done my first digimon story, seems alright though as always I feel it could be better, however I think I have worked out how to do more in that setting, instead of being based on any of the series, I'll just work on my own version of how things work, so long as they fit the general theme of the rest of the multiple universes... if that makes any sense anyway. But yeah I've also finished off the plot work for my dual-stories story, nearly finished off writing up another two months worth of work to do, but still need to work on more as always.

I think that'll do me for this week, hopefully by next week I'll have some more games to talk about, though I must remember not to spend anything more till I've reached my next payday, anyway hope everyone has a good one, take care all.

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