18 Sunday, February 2018

Spent way too much again on my hobbies...


Though I do have more trains now, but we'll get onto that in a moment, have done another story which is ready to read, am somewhat happy with it, but as always, never fully happy with anything I create, but either way, feel free to provide any feedback on it or anything else, do have quite a few more stories lined up and do have a couple of ideas ready to hash out when I'm on my week off from writing next month, but that's something else to think about.

Now then, trains and things, like I said, I've bought some more, mostly so that I know I've got them ready for when I do my larger layout, though each time I look at the Hattons website I keep seeing more stuff I might like to buy.... but that'll have to wait for when I've got money to spend, and I need to pay things back again... yeah. Anyway have been doing some work on my track, though have also had some issues, mostly related to it being my first fixed design, for starters there are some pieces or track which I didn't get lined up right in my final assembly, which might also have to do with the first ballasting attempt, which didn't go all that well, mostly cause I didn't know how long to leave the glue.


But that is mostly all sorted, or mostly insignificant, there are some issues with track connectivity, but am working on that issue as well with some extra wiring and also soldering track together, but this is all a learning experience for the next layout, which I hope will turn out a hell of a lot better than this one, but currently I'm not sure as if to go ahead with my next layout after this one or do another smaller practice track, will have to have a think about it. But I do want to have a go at making a tiny boxfile sized layout, honestly that would just be perfect for my smallest engine which I'm most likely not gonna give to my nephew now as it's a fairly fiddly little thing, gonna buy him a much larger tank engine.

Now then onto the last bit, games, well not much to say yet, still waiting on that last 2600 game... which I might ask for a refund on now since it's still yet to arrive... just messaged the seller in case it can still arrive, as don't really wanna waste money on a replacement which then isn't needed, but ah well... hopefully one day it'll get here, for other games it seems that War Thunder is doing something interesting, though I might wait till next week and some more Dev blogs before mentioning more about it, though am pleased to see more British vehicles this coming update.

Now then that should be it for this week, should have more story stuff done by next week though not more train track building till some time has passed, need to wait till next payday first then pay everything else back, though might do some fixing here and there, but yeah hope everyone has a good one next week, do keep warm if it's still bloody cold, take care and see you later.

11 Sunday, February 2018

Finally getting to work...


Have now gotten some track for my first layout, though have modified it so the siding at the bottom is now two sidings, figured it would be more interesting like that, picture to follow shortly, but otherwise have been doing stories still, new one should be in the stories section when this post is done, also forgot to mention last week that I finished that twinned stories story thing, which is also in the stories section already, hopefully that one works out alright, might be a little confusing to read between both documents at the same time, but oh well, have to try new things to see if they work.

Now then onto those trains and things, yes now I've got all the track I need, and on Monday I'll be heading down to HomeBase to pick up the baseboard and some rubber feet to put on the bottom, figured since it's such a small layout, I wouldn't need a proper frame like larger layouts would need, will most likely get a thicker plywood board for the base to make sure it's strong enough, then I'll be able to begin working on the scenery. 100_1804.JPG

As you can see it's all fitted together, though need to make sure it stops coming apart, when it's all glued together it should stay like that, more so after the ballast is fitted, when it's all done it should look quite nice, when I get round to making the larger layout I'll be gifting this one and also a few spare rolling stock and the Terrier which I can't DCC to my nephew, might have to give some extra stuff to his parents so they can look after the loco at their place. Will be doing a weekly post to show my progress on the design, might do it in a separate post than this normal blog, so stay turned to that.

Now then, onto games and other crap, have now gotten all the minimal Sega games for my collection, which means twenty five per console, and since there's five consoles (which were released in the UK that is), which makes a hundred and twenty five games (plus a few extra), so now that Sega is finished with for the most part, time to work on the Sony line up, and also have gotten some more Atari games while had the chance as well. Also nearly forgot, have thought of what else to get after finishing all my modelling and gaming collections, which is a scale model of HMS Pickle (pictured above), most likely 1:64 scale, which would result in it being about a metre long... yeah it'll be a long while till I get that thing, but always loved sailing ships and always wanted a model of one, so would be fitting to finish everything off with.

Now then, that should be it for this week, next week will be another story, progress on the baseboard, as hopefully should have the cork underlay by then as well, might also get that last Atari game I ordered too... anyway hope everyone has a good one, take care all.

4 Sunday, February 2018

Money come, money go


Sadly enough, though twas a good reason, I've spent it all pretty much, well apart from the money I need to pay bills and stuff, I don't count that into my calculations and is taken off separately, but yes I've been on a spend spree, bought some more games, which I'll go into in a moment, also bought more for my N Gauge track, which I'll get into as well, main thing I did was pay off the amount I owe my savings account... which is always good, but it's no worry as I do get my bonus soon, though annoyingly later than normal but it is more this year.... so I'll let them off, this once.

Anyway, for starters, games, have bought seventeen more games for my collection, that is seven more Dreamcast games to finish that lot off, seven more Atari 2600 games to buff that out a bit, and they're cheap, and also three more Lynx games as had my buying list already planned prior to deciding on getting the Sony consoles sorted out, but have got a good few lined up, think it was about eleven of them, all for the PS3 since again, fairly cheap at the moment, will wait till next payday, gonna leave my bonus alone rather than spend it.

On a side note, have also been playing Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe a lot lately, somewhat a cross over between gaming and my model trains, but have always enjoyed management games for quite some time, but anyway onto those trains, I've bought enough track now to get started on my first layout, which is mostly for practising modelling skills ready for the main layout, will also be a DC/DCC compatible track, but mostly going to be used for DC trains since it's just a simple look, as you can see below.


A quiet little hamlet near some woodland, a single train services this sleepy land, Renham Downs seemed like a fitting name for it all, but yeah the track cost me about £50 in total, buildings and scenery will cost a bit more as well along with the baseboard too, but will be good practice for my larger track which I'm getting the pieces for even now. but anyway that'll be it for this week, next week I'll hopefully have all my new games and my track so can try out my new trains and new games, just need to stop bloody spending till next payday... hope everyone has a good one, take care all.

28 Sunday, January 2018

Nearly reaching my goal


Have been on a diet since just before Christmas 2016 after finding out I hit thirteen stone, and I set myself the goal of getting down to ten stone and recently I've weighted myself at being only a couple of pounds higher than my goal, something like a pound or two from it, but it's quite good to be lighter again now, well apart from the fact that I CAN BLOODY FEEL THE COLD NOW... though that might be cause I've had a hair cut as well... not sure.

Anyway, some things, have been working on my dual story.. story thing, have decided to make it into a Side A and a Side B in two documents, seemed easier that way to keep track of them and how long they are in relation to one another, though one thing I have noticed, for some reason I keep trying to make them longer than the one I just wrote a part for, then have to go back and add more, then do the same to the other one, like the two stories are in competition with one another.

Another thing for games, do have planned to finish off my minimum Sega Library next week, also gonna pick up some more Atari games as well before I work on Sony, which I've already started making lists of games to get in bulk amounts, starting with the Playstation 3, while picking up some games to flesh out the previous two playstations, then I'll be doing the PSP before the Vita considering that Vita games are still fairly expensive as it's somehow still considered a current day console even though it's been out for at least seven years now, but yeah after that I'll be working on both the XBoxes I've got and maybe the Ataris, though will have to do the Jaguar on it's own due to the cost of each game.

Now then, onto model trains, have now ordered my last steam locomotive, a LMS Fairburn, though did use my last two older locomotives to bring the price down, plus I didn't want to have to try and wire DCC into them, so means I get a nice new DCC ready engine and no need to mess about with wiring for it, as I've aready got one engine which needs some serious soldering skills to wire in anything into it, the tiny LB&SCR A1 Terrier, either I'm gonna get it DCC'd or I'll just sell it as part of a pack with the practice track I'll be doing first, but yeah have been working on track designs as well, might put one up next week, but I'll sort that out later, got other things to work out.

Like trying to sell more things, like an old Plasma Globe thing and a Lava lamp, still got all them bleeding books.... one day, I'll sell them, or stuff them all in the bin... which might be more likely at this rate, anyway I hope everyone has a good one this week, take care everyone.

Oh and also. Elite 3.0 beta is out now, but have yet to fiddle much in it just yet, so might do that next week, see ya all later.

21 Sunday, January 2018

Planning some tracks and selling some stuff


Yep, been designing some N gauge tracks using XTrackCAD, though not all that happy with most of them there are a few which I'm gonna attempt at making at some point, also have gotten most of my new locomotives, though am going to trade in some of my old ones for a few reasons, one it helps pay for the new ones, two it ensures that I've got reliable parts and three, means I get DCC compatible vehicles so can link them into being controlled via a computer controller which is always nice to have. Have also been watching the Youtube channel, Simon's Shed for some info on doing N gauge layouts.

Anyway onto stories, have done another one, another Lovecraftian horror themed story, well maybe not quite lovecraftian, if that is indeed a term, but it's along those lines, was quite fun to write as for the most part it seemed fairly normal, might try some more along those themes at some point, anyway the next story is my dual worlds one, which means it's in fact two stories which combine into one larger story, not too sure how to make it work, current thought is to write them together, alternating colours for each part if that would work.

Now then, onto the gaming things, have got lined up next months buying lists for both Atari and Sony consoles, though do have to buy myself a new Playstation 2 controller which I'll get back to in a moment, But yeah that'll add a large amount to my collection in one go, adding games to my 2600, Lynx and PS3, then I'll be getting to work on getting more Sony games the following month, though I do get my yearly bonus next month, doubt it'll be all that much to write home about really.

Lastly am also selling some of the spare stuff I don't use anymore, today just got rid of my second PS2 (well technically, my PS2, the one linked to my game system is my mother's which I'm not allowed to sell), unfortunately the controller I was gonna sell seemed to be naff, mostly due to missing a pin in the plug, so had to give the buyer the one which was working and I was going to keep, but luckily PS2 controllers are cheap nowadays, but need to also shift some of these Aviation books I've got as well, not going to use eBay since they seem to add on a fair few selling costs, even after paying them the first time... so yeah gonna use Facebook and see if anyone nearby wants anything.

Anyway that will be it for this week, next week I should have all my steam trains, or at least waiting for the last one in the post, might get a diesel train at some point as well, but not for some time, will get some designs posted up somewhere, possible putting them in the gallery and feature a few in a blog post, anyway I hope everyone has a nice week and all, take care.

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