15 Sunday, April 2018

Nearly late for work one day...


Yep, on Wednesday I fell asleep on the sofa before work, woke up with only fifteen minutes before my shift started cause the wall clock which normally chimes every quarter hour doesn't go off before six in the morning, but I not only managed to get to work on time, I got there with five minutes to spare to have a slight rest before heading down, Was bloody knackered afterwards but managed to get things sorted in the end. Also have finally finished my longer story, not my longest one but a fairly long one, again not too sure on the first two chapters but too lazy to sort it out, could've had some interaction with the leading character's peers but oh well.

Onto gaming, I've been getting into Europa Universalis IV lately, mostly because I can play the British Empire and go about taking over large portions of the world, always fun, nearly taken over France and large chunks of europe already, just need to snuff out the last few sources of resistance and then disband the Holy Roman Empire when I get the chance. Also have noticed that they are remaking the Spyro games, which I assume will only be on systems which I don't own so while interested I'll prob have to give them a pass, but my youngest nephew has been playing my copy of the original game, slowly going to make him into a proper gamer if it kills me.

Let's see, on about Spyro and my nephew, did draw a simple version of him in my nephew's birthday card, might have a go at drawing a better version of him sometime to brush up on my drawing skills (if I have any), though I'd still like to get round to getting some water colour stuff, do think I'll have a bash at using them to colour stuff in, though still need to get round to painting my battletech models...

And on about models and stuff, have bought myself a cheaper older Graham Farish tank engine so I can use the chassis as a base for a kit build I'd like to have a go at some point too, again waiting to get paid etc, so I'll just continue with the building kits which I'm doing so far, have got two buildings done, need to work on the platform and the engine shed with the scale scenes stuff but will explain more in a proper update, which will again be some time as only slowly working on the layout currently while waiting for next payday.

Which brings this post to an end for this week, will hopefully get back into the full swing of writing again over the following week, as have been putting off doing the plot work for stories as just been working on that longer story, so should be getting them done too now, anyway hope everyone has a good one, take care all.

8 Sunday, April 2018

Just a quickie


Keeping this one short(er) this week, as mostly just another week where not much has happened, have done another chapter of the story I put off last week, only one more to go which I'll get done next week, then I'll be moving onto other things once again, still unsure about this current story, just an idea I had but will need people to give feedback on it, which is harder than writing the damn thing.

Anyway onto games, I've now got all the PS3 games I ordered, though still need some more, will work on the original Playstation afterwards as need a couple more for that and then will get round to PSP and Vita games, did find out that my local CEX does have quite a few older games at cheap prices, so might go raiding them at some point with a large wad of cash, which I should be getting buy next payday if things are sorted out with last payday's wages.

Onto other things, let's see trains... well I'm skipping this week's update on them, mostly cause lack of funds to do much, so will do an mini-update here, have traded one of my trains to something I'd rather have, a LWSR M7 0-4-4 tank engine, while it isn't DCC ready it's still a lovely little runner, goes well with the theme I'm now aiming for and it is suitable for the track size I've got currently. Have also finally bought some buildings, will have a go at building them over the week so hopefully will have something to post about next week, might do a mini-post about my Southern engines.

Which brings this blog post to an end, still trying to sell off the engines I no longer want, as all the ones I do want now are kits only or not out yet, games I'm gonna have to wait till next payday to get anything more, so will mostly just work on what I've got for now, might see if I can doodle something in the mean time too, will have to see, anyway hope everyone has a good one this week, take care all.

1 Sunday, April 2018

I know what you're thinking


But I'm not into April Fools, you can find that stuff someplace else. Anyway some news, first of all, bloody knackered from my first week bad at work, second, took a break from current long story to do a shorter one, which I've put up in the stories section, felt bit refreshing to do something different than what I've been writing the past two weeks, not sure if should press on with the longer story or work on another thing.

Also been thinking of trying to step up my drawing and stuff, buying some watercolour pens and see how well they work with my style, mostly been thinking of seeing if can make some of my hobbies pay for themselves, even if it's just a little bit here and there. Which brings me to offering, if anyone wants me to do them a... well possible poorly written story or some sort of doodle art thing, feel free to ask, I don't charge much (possible a £5 for either of them depending how long they take me and how much skills you require me to put into them).

Now then, onto gaming stuff, have FINALLY bought my next set of games for my collection, slightly cheaper than when I added them to my wish list, which helps since two of the days I got sent home early from work and took time off for didn't get paid properly... making me seventy pound off... luckily did find out the issue and sorted it out with my manager, wouldn't get the money till next payday, but it's gonna get here at some point. Anyway yes games, eleven new games to add, will slowly work on building it up, though must also work on my other two hobbies as well.

Also would like to mention something which I am looking forward to getting soon in June.


Yeah I'll be getting it when I've got the cash, then Dinos, EVERYWHERE!

Which brings me to my trains, which I'll be leaving off mostly for this month, gonna try and sell/trade some of the things which I don't really want anymore to get stuff I do need for my project, but will slowly get there, done my trees on the layout, most likely will do some of the buildings but that's most likely it for a while due to costs. Which brings this post to a close, next week I'll hopefully do some more writing, hopefully won't die from work and hopefully have train updates. Hope you all have a good one, take care.

Also have some musics!

26 Monday, March 2018

Renham Downs Update #3


Trees! Yes I've finally added some more foliage to the layout that isn't some bushes, and I'm quite impressed with them so far, though the first batch are a little off, did the stupid thing of trying to add some Matte Varnish to them while they were still bleeding wet from the glue... yet it's the first attempt, we all have to start somewhere, but am pleased with how things have got for now.


But do need to stick them all down and make some replacement trees for the first batch, will be needing some more PVA glue as have run out, have also been thinking of adding some fallen trees and some dead ones to break them up a little, did try using the bush clump foliage on the tree twigs, but it seems that Scenic Cement isn't strong enough for this, might try again with PVA, might also look into adding patches of longer grass, maybe those stick on 4mm long grass which might be a bit much for N gauge, though have found some 2mm tufts to add to the layout, should help break things up some more though for future layouts I should have a look at trying out a static grass applicator, though not too sure on building one myself, might be safer just buying one.

That's pretty much it for this update, hopefully by next time I should have decided what I'll be doing, though most likely something to do with the water, might try a few buildings here and there, but could try and get all the nature stuff done and out the way for the most part, anyway hope you've enjoyed this update, hope everyone has a good one, take care.

25 Sunday, March 2018

End of relaxation


Well, seems it's time for work again on Tuesday... not really looking forward to it, but do need to get paid and all that lot, and I still feel knackered after all that, might be due to staying up late and all, but oh well, maybe one day I'll feel relaxed enough. But anyway have done another part of one of my longer stories, so unfortunately nothing to put up just yet, though have been struggling with this one, most likely due to that for the most part, it's just a single character talking to themselves, not really all that good at doing that, normally have had them talking to at least something which can respond.

Anyway on towards gaming, have had to take a break from Surviving Mars, mostly due to some UI bugs which make it somewhat hard to play, so been playing a few other things, had a few games of War Thunder, but as always things annoy me since it's either non-historical or not properly balanced, half due to the first bit, but anyway, been looking at some other games, but due to some expensive hobbies I've been reluctant to buy anything. Which reminds me, need to pay back credit card again, but will have enough to pay that back and savings, shouldn't need to buy too much next month.

Now then, onto models, well my trains are coming along now, bought some trees to work on my layout, which I'll mention in the next update for that, but it is starting to come along nicely now, just need more PVA glue to stick everything all down, maybe some buildings next or the water, not too sure. Also have been thinking of what other models I could collect, tempted with 40k once more but I might just give that a pass for now, still need to do my Battletech models which I've given an undercoat for some, but need to get some proper colours for them. Also been looking at Bolt Action ones to satisfy my World War II era interest.

Think that wraps it up for this week, mostly wanted to keep things simple, might do the same next week as I get use to work again, not looking forward to the new shifts they want me to do, but... not really much I can do anyway... hope everyone has a good one, take care all.

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