15 Sunday, October 2017

Finally get some time off from work


And I can finally have some sleep... hopefully anyway, but yes I've got a week off work, but I've still got to do my stories which I'll get to in a moment, but yes I've also been paid as well, which resulted in my being able to pay back my savings, pay back my credit card since I bought myself an Amiga 600 and some Jaguar games from ebay (when I shouldn't of), but they are paid off now, also bought more Xmas presents as well so there's only a few bits left, and I've done another story, which is in the stories section as always, hopefully it works well, trying to do it from the perspective of someone living with a partner who suffers from depression, first time writing anything like that but worth a try.

As for other stories, have started to get a few ideas for a couple of others, however will be hoping to work on those ideas on the next group to write up... after the one's I've got lined up already, while it does seem to be a long list of stories I need to write, it's nice to have this backlog as it gives me time to work on other ideas for new ones, which seems to take just as long to do.

Anyway, gaming wise I'm trying to hold back on spending what's left of my money, but have been working on my stuff in Naval Action, finally built myself a new big ship with better stats, which I might get round to using over the next week. Might even get round to playing one of those DS Zelda games I've got laying around as well, or finally completing Breath of the Wild, though on about the Switch there are two games I'd like to get before next payday, one is snipperclips as it's another multiplayer game to have, good for the various children which visit (nephews and niece), then there's Mario Odyssey which comes out later this month, hoping it's not too expensive, but it would be a good game to get from what I've seen of it.

But it is time again for the end of this week's blog, hoping by next weeks I'd have sold some of the stuff I don't want anymore since I've got digital versions of them now, or just don't want them like my guitar (which I can't play), anyway hope everyone takes it easy and all, I'm just hoping for more sleep, take care everyone.

8 Sunday, October 2017

Payday soon arrives....


And unfortunately so does Christmas and I still need to sort out the rest of the presents and the odd few birthdays, though luckily for me most of those are just money presents however it's still quite expensive either way, which does mean I'll have to cut back on how much I spend on gaming for a while till I've sorted that out, though it doesn't help that I now want an Amiga 600, mostly because I never realised how strangely satisfying it was to use floppy disks, when popping them into the drive with a nice clunk sound, never get that anymore with newer stuff really, but yes I'll have to pick one of those up sometime and also get a couple more Jaguar games as well, mainly the two which I'm eyeing up on eBay.

Now then what have I been up to? well I've done another story, a 1920s Gangster one, though like I said last week, the main character isn't a gangster, was mostly just trying to get into the feel of writing something in that era, still not too sure if I got it yet, but I do want to write more stories based around that time, might have to see some other stories for ideas. Let's see I've also seen the Frontier Expo yesterday on their stream, and very much impressed with what is arriving for their three main games, which is Elite: Dangerous, Planet Coaster and their new one, Jurassic World: Evolution which I'll have to see if I can get in to the beta for when that comes out, do miss my Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis and it very much looks like they are taking some ideas from that game, which they should.

Now then what else is there, for gaming I've been a little bit of this and that, still trying to build myself a new ship in Naval Action, which I'm mostly just doing trading stuff now than combat, yes I do still enjoy the combat but each battle is about an hour long sometimes, which can sap all strength out of you if you only want a quick game, so trading it is, and I make a huge amount of money in the process.

Let's see, have been looking at a new PC game which is on steam, Mashinky (hopefully spelt right), basically it's a better looking Transport Tycoon, which isn't surprising considering the Dev is a OTTD player, it looks quite nice and it is quite affordable, which is tempting me to buy it right now, but I'l wait till after payday, Xmas pressies and paying off other various things before I consider buying.

And I think that's it for this week, hopefully I'll have another story done by next week (oh yeah, the new one is viewable with the others), the next one is hopefully something interesting, not sure if to do the one with some depression in it or another one, do have twenty two weeks worth of stuff to write up, hopefully in that time I'll also think up some more too, anyway hope everyone has a good one next week, take care all.

1 Sunday, October 2017

Something something Star Trek


Been watching the new Star Trek: Discovery, and so far I'm not all that keen on it, not sure if it's the setting, the bad writing or the butt ugly versions of the Klingons, it simply doesn't do anything for me, then there are issues with known canon which just urk me, true Star Trek has generally fumbled what is canon and what isn't, but these things just bother me no end, the current two episodes so far don't seem to have anything which would 'hook' in viewers in my option, it could just be it doesn't suit what I enjoy in Star Trek, I might give it another go once season one has been finished.

On the other hand I've also been watching The Orville, which to put it bluntly is a piss-take of Star Trek, yet while doing that it feels very much like Star Trek to me, more so than Discovery does, while it doesn't take itself too seriously it can handle more serious topics and handle them well as seen in the fourth episode, I can't wait to see more of this show as it does scratch my Star Trek series itch... just wish it was called Star Trek really.

Now then, what else have I been doing? well have finished what I've got so far with the Generation Ship story, just need to clean some bits up then I'll put it out for people to read, it's mostly just how I'd like to present the series, maybe have this be volume one with it's own sub-title, I'm not sure but will see how things go, anyway the next story will be a more down to earth related story set in the twentieth century, but that'll be it for how much I say for now.

Let's see for gaming, mostly been collecting more games and stuff for my collection, got some more Jaguar games now, might of mentioned last week but doing it again either way, have got my eye on a couple more but waiting to get paid to get them, however with Christmas closing soon and the odd few more birthdays left over I've been having to hold back on how much I spend on games lately, but let's see I've also been playing some more Elite, since there is a good place to do passenger missions which is what I want to get into in the game at the moment, while it's not Spacebus routes it is fairly routine routes between the same systems which is close enough. Have also been trying to build myself a Surprise in Naval Action but that is going slowly currently.

Anyway I think that'll be it for this week, but do know there are some exciting things coming this month to keep one's eye on, there's Frontier's Expo where they'll show more of where the game is heading and also possible more on their other games too, there's Mario Odyssey coming out this month too which is good as it's another Switch game to get, think there's a few other things but currently can't remember so oh well.

But yes, hope everyone has a good one this week, take care all, see ya.

24 Sunday, September 2017

Ow... Bugger...


Smacked the top of my head against an overhanging DVD rack and took a chunk of skin from the top, slight bump but otherwise fine... apart from another slight headache and the general feeling of being dazed, anyway what have I done this week other then injuring myself? which I seem to have done a lot of judging by the various cuts and bruises, well I've assembled an exercise bike for my father and helping him get use to it, however I've limited him to about ten minutes or so currently due to his bad legs and his age... and his condition, but long story short is that he needs to lose some weight and bought this bike, which I had to build and help him with, but other then the complaining when he's on it he is doing well and I'll make use of it myself sometimes too, still trying to lose that last stone I wanna get rid of but combined with my work and having to cycle there too and my diet, should hopefully get to my goal.

Anyway onto other stuff, for writing well I've done another chapter of my generation ship's long journey, think I'll do the last of what I've got so far before releasing it, still thinking of how to add other points of view from other family lines and all, might just have the chapters move back and forth along the timeline to give the readers glimpses of what is happening on board the ship, but yeah after that I'll be working on other stories again, not sure which one to go with yet but I have worked out a story idea to replace the tron story which I've yet to work out how to do, it'll be another children's story which could branch out into other stories with the same characters, but will have to work on that. Also I think I've worked out just now how to do a digimon story, but will work on that after the other story most likely.

Let's see for gaming, well I'm doing alright in Naval Action, making a ton of money and all, but need to work on getting better ships, my current best ship isn't the best built one, so am looking into making one of them myself once I get all the resources together, might still be able to turn a profit in the process as well, let's see, am still keeping an eye on War Thunder, luckily they've fixed some of the issues I've had with it, but the UI still looks crap, but I can deal with it now, on the collection front I've gotten up to 25+ Amiga CD32 games now, might still get the odd one here and there but now just working on other consoles really, either the Neo Geo Pocket or attempt the impossible with the Jaguar.
Think that'll be it for this week, hopefully by next week I won't injure myself any further, but I doubt I'll be that lucky, anyway hope everyone has a good one, take care everyone, don't hurt yourself like me.

17 Sunday, September 2017

Bleeding Headache...


Taken two paracetamol for it and just waiting for it to kick in, but at least whatever was plaguing me last week is clearing up, still got the ending bits left of it so it's something, but anyway have done another part of my Generation ship story, trying to use this to build up the background each time but it does take some thought, though I must remember to get round to working on the plot work of other stories as well, but with the amount of stories I've got saved up I think I've got roughly six months worth of writing to do before I start running out, however I still feel that isn't enough to get ahead of myself with.

Anyway some story ideas, hoping to do some longer stories, perhaps some more based on other games and such, for some reason I wanna do something based upon an old DOS game called Iron Seed, never managed to get far in it since it's fairly complex but it was a rather interesting game to say the least, let's see, I'd like to make a follow up to my Witch Maid story since that was quite nice to write for, perhaps another Star Wars story, again with the Empire as I do enjoy them over the Rebels (and they're easier to write for, might be due to playing so much Tie Fighter back in the day), but perhaps a more larger ship story/stories, not sure but would like to have a go at it, but I do want to avoid having anything with the Force involved, still feel like it's overused in the films/TV series, rather do enjoy the stories which don't involve that lot.

Gaming news, well for starters, I've bought about twenty three new games, might make it twenty four with the last Zelda I need, but I'm gonna hold off on that one for now, mostly considering how much I've already spent this month, then there's Xmas and the last few Birthdays to sort out as well, but yeah I've gotten a good load more of Gamecube, XBox 360, N64 and a couple of other games from Amazon, including some more 2600 games and also gotten some more CD32 games from eBay including Frontier: Elite 2 which is fairly hard to get hold of for a reasonable price so quite pleased with that one, all should be here over the next week or two.

Let's see, what else for gaming, oh yeah I'm definitely giving War Thunder a long break now, considering the new UI they are going with on their Dev server makes me want to gouge my eyes, not only does it look very Win10ish (which for a similar reason I can't stand to look at, plus offers little over Win7 for my needs) and also the new UI looks quite clunky, the text is far too large and there's no usable option to reduce the text size, so I'm just giving it a long break, which is a shame cause there were some vehicles I was looking forward to but oh well.

Which I think also brings this week's blog post to a close, will be working on another chapter of the Generation ship story though again I'm not sure when I'll put it out for reading, might finish off what I've got so far then put that all out then work on other stories till I work on some more plot work, anyway hope everyone has a good one, take care all.

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