15 Sunday, July 2018

Another layout in the planning stages

2018-06-27 21.19.00.jpg

Yep, I've been getting bored and been working on yet another layout, though this one will be something in between my current one, which is getting on now for what use I can get from it, mostly because some of my engines don't like running on first radius track, so wanted to try out making a shelf layout, only a little one with an attachable or foldable fiddle yard, but I shall be finishing off what work I've got left on Renham Downs, though won't be completing it to the standard I was originally aiming for for two reasons, for starters, I'm crap and the first layout shows this, and second it'll be going to my nephew, and I'd rather it be fairly resistant to damage, which reminds me, I'll need to coat it with some varnish for some extra protection, anyway that's the train news out of the way, what else have I been up to?

Well I've done another story, this time based off the game Rimworld, mostly of one of my saved games, though altered slightly to fit the story and also including the mods I added as well, somewhat anyway, but yeah was something nice to write about compared to my previous one which was more of a solo story, which I find somewhat hard to write for unless there's a narrator or something, either way it's ready to be read in the usual place so feel free to have a look.

Let's see, not really done much else apart from some story plot work mostly, played some Battletech but only a few missions, nearly got myself a Black Knight which I was quite pleased with, just need one more piece. For my collection I'll be hopefully buying about a hundred and fifty pounds worth next week when it's payday again, though I've also got a lot of train stuff lined up as well, might do a blog series showing that lot off while I've not got much done for the layout (which takes more time than buying more rolling stock), also have done some more drawing but mostly my usual doodles, might put up a picture on here when I get a few of them.

Also had the thought that I could just link my deviantart account to my blog (and visa versa) to cross traffic one another, putting all my artwork on there as have been mostly neglecting it, I'll work this all out once the sun stops trying to cook me, which means it might be a couple of months... anyway that brings this post to an end, hope you all have a good one, take care all.

8 Sunday, July 2018

Still too bloody hot...


Got both windows open, fan going, Computer on low power mode to make less heat, and the Sun decides it's going to radiate my room till it's hotter than the Big Bang... anyway what have I been up to this week.... other than melting to death, well I've done another story, this one based off the old DOS game Iron Seed, which I only vaguely remember bits from, but it left an impression which has lasted for over a decade, really should see about playing it again. But yes the story is read to be read now in the usual place.

Over the next week, other than doing my next story I should get round to hashing out the plot work for numerous others, as while I've got a nice back log of basic plots, I haven't expanded them out and only got four left till I have to do them, so should get them done sometime soonish really. Anyway what else is there, oh yes, if you care to view the top pic, I've been creating mini dioramas again, mostly to test out some air dried clay, but have been meaning to make another micro scene, did have to sort out the water a couple of times, but it looks mostly alright now, also trying to work out a good ratio of light green and dark green bushes too.

What else, well for games, not really been doing much, mostly because the heat has been making me more tired than normal so been struggling to stay awake most of the time, consuming vast amounts of ice cream (well just the one now and then) to keep cool, but other than games, have still been working on N gauge layouts, mostly ones which replicate the branch line which use to run past my house, though at best all I've got is just the odd couple of stations which barely replicate things, have done something like Fort Brockhurst which use to be near here, but still looks a bit off, might look into redoing a heritage line or something, not sure.


What else, have been drawing Yinglets, which are a species from a web comic which I've taken an interest in which I mentioned last week (Out of Placers), somewhat tricky to do but slowly getting there in drawing them in my own style, also have bought some stuff for my N gauge trains too, two loco bodies for my conversions, might have a go at them as well and post them in my layout update posts which I've been leaving quiet for a while. Think that'll be it for this week now, hopefully by next week I'll have more to write than it's bleeding hot, hope everyone has a good one, take care all.

1 Sunday, July 2018

Kill the sun.... please....


Bugger is it warm lately... having to drink my own weight in fluids to stay alive and eat more sugar to attempt to stay awake, yes while everyone else enjoys the sun, I'm wishing that Winter comes about so I don't have to melt to death... but anyway what have I been up to this week? Well as always I've done my weekly story, somewhat happy with it, but again was mostly a monologue with it's single character, making it somewhat difficult to keep the plot going, but it's done and ready to be read, next week I'll be going with another sci-fi with more characters, though this time based off an old DOS game.

Now then, what else? Well I've been buying some more stuff as always, though had to swap out one of the games CEX sent me as it wasn't the right one, but managed to get Donkey Kong Country and Animaniacs for the SNES along with a Professor Layton game for the DS, still got some money left over however I might wait till closer till next payday before I decide what to do with that lot if anything. Also have been playing some Battletech as well, though with the heat my computer isn't all that happy with doing anything more than browser games before it attempts to melt itself down.

Let's see, have also been working on new larger layouts for my N Gauge trains for when I finally get some more space, thinking that when I'm able to, going to make a replica of the Fareham-Gosport line which use to run past my house back in the day, it's fairly short but will allow having both main line running around the Fareham station along with the Gosport branch line and it's run off lines along that to have some fun with, both passenger and goods services so great fun, hopefully can fit it all in really.

Lastly, have also discovered that season three of the Expanse is out, so now been trying to watch all of that when I get time for it all, but anyway other than that and watching a couple of other things (like reading a rather amusing web comic called Out of Placers), that's mostly what I've been doing this week, hopefully by next week I'd have done yet another story, and also hoping that I don't melt as well, however I can't guarantee that one, hope everyone has a good one, take care.

24 Sunday, June 2018

Getting back to business with things again


Yep, things are starting to get there now, other than that personal thing and also that... rather annoying story to try and write for, things are getting there now, for starters have done yet another story, another Star Trek one which I found quite fun to write about, might do some more, though I do have another one lined up later one. Wrote it fairly quickly as well which made me think that Sci-fi might be the genre which I feel the most comfortable writing about, while like I mentioned I do have other sci-fis lined up, I'm still going to try other genres as well just to try them out, think the next one is another horror, so will see how that goes.

Let's see, I'll be keeping this one short this week, getting fairly warm and it's bothering me, for gaming I'm happy to announce that I've now bought another media rack to house my collection, should HOPEFULLY be enough to hold them all once I've bought everything, but will have to wait and see, oh and also I've bought more games as well now, including some old classics like Crash Bandicoot, which I've had on my wish list for quite some time now, but due to the cost on amazon it was always off putting, CEX did have it for slightly cheaper so once more bought with them.

Other news is that I've been playing more of Battletech and Jurassic World Evolution, got a whole lance of heavy mechs in one and trying to five star the first three islands on the other, while still not perfect (either of them), both are great fun to play around in. As for my N gauge stuff there's not much to mention right now so I won't bother with a proper post for that, but slowly working on it, mostly bought more stuff (as always) and finalising my plans for my next layout really, might see if I can pick up some more scenic stuff once everything else has been sorted, oh and will be picking up the new Kirby game next week as well, will have a blast at that.

Which brings this post to a close, next week I should hopefully have all my new games and maybe something to do in my Renham Down's update, but will have to see, hope that everyone has a good one, take care all.

17 Sunday, June 2018

Getting there, day by day...


That's pretty much all I can say right now about how I feel, well I could say there were moments that I just felt no different, then angry (at myself), regret and just times when I just felt like bursting into tears, luckily all of that just remained within, might not be healthy for me in the long run, but bottling it up for the most part is just sometimes the only way to continue on. Have tried to distract myself, which only mildly worked, but in time I will just learn to get use to the new status quo.

Anyway, other than that I have been doing some stuff, as for writing I've managed to do something, even though it's mostly rushed and I hate how it's turning out (still currently finishing it, should be done by the time this goes out), but it's something, mostly was a hard subject to do either way, next week I'll be working on another Star Trek story, which should work better and I can get back to writing things properly again.

For gaming, have mostly been playing Jurassic World Evolution, which is quite good, not perfect yet but it's got the groundwork there, was streaming it to a friend to show it off to them, was also surprised my computer was powerful enough to do so considering it's age, but yeah it's very fun, though my main two nitpicks is islands need to be bigger and the game tends to have a little bit too much busywork, not sure if it's due to how I've set things up, but I like the main work of a park builder to be the setup, managing the park to a point when it can look after itself so I can then finally enjoy it too, something like an ant farm, build it all up right then just be able to sit back and just watch (or in the game, drive around in the rover and watch from the ground).

Also been playing Battletech as well, finally got myself a third heavy mech, thought I had gotten myself a fourth one, but found out I've got many nearly complete husks of numerous heavy mechs but not enough to complete them just yet.... yeah it's annoying, but just need that one mission where I can get the salvage I need, then I'd been rolling in four new heavies, stomping around the place like they own it all. And I think that'll wrap it up for this week, for my N gauge stuff I've not been doing much as of yet, though am getting closer to a final design for my next layout, but waiting to get paid to buy more rolling stock and trains when they come out... and also more games for my collection too... yeah it'll be a while, anyway hope you all have a good one, take care.

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