17 Sunday, June 2018

Getting there, day by day...


That's pretty much all I can say right now about how I feel, well I could say there were moments that I just felt no different, then angry (at myself), regret and just times when I just felt like bursting into tears, luckily all of that just remained within, might not be healthy for me in the long run, but bottling it up for the most part is just sometimes the only way to continue on. Have tried to distract myself, which only mildly worked, but in time I will just learn to get use to the new status quo.

Anyway, other than that I have been doing some stuff, as for writing I've managed to do something, even though it's mostly rushed and I hate how it's turning out (still currently finishing it, should be done by the time this goes out), but it's something, mostly was a hard subject to do either way, next week I'll be working on another Star Trek story, which should work better and I can get back to writing things properly again.

For gaming, have mostly been playing Jurassic World Evolution, which is quite good, not perfect yet but it's got the groundwork there, was streaming it to a friend to show it off to them, was also surprised my computer was powerful enough to do so considering it's age, but yeah it's very fun, though my main two nitpicks is islands need to be bigger and the game tends to have a little bit too much busywork, not sure if it's due to how I've set things up, but I like the main work of a park builder to be the setup, managing the park to a point when it can look after itself so I can then finally enjoy it too, something like an ant farm, build it all up right then just be able to sit back and just watch (or in the game, drive around in the rover and watch from the ground).

Also been playing Battletech as well, finally got myself a third heavy mech, thought I had gotten myself a fourth one, but found out I've got many nearly complete husks of numerous heavy mechs but not enough to complete them just yet.... yeah it's annoying, but just need that one mission where I can get the salvage I need, then I'd been rolling in four new heavies, stomping around the place like they own it all. And I think that'll wrap it up for this week, for my N gauge stuff I've not been doing much as of yet, though am getting closer to a final design for my next layout, but waiting to get paid to buy more rolling stock and trains when they come out... and also more games for my collection too... yeah it'll be a while, anyway hope you all have a good one, take care.

11 Monday, June 2018

There we go, all up to date.


And nothing is broken, which is always a good thing, though I will be keeping an eye on everything for a little while. However in other news, while I had planned to get back to writing properly over the following week, due to... some personal things I'm gonna have to take the next week off as well, mostly just to get my head in order and all that lot, might try and do something in the week, but just wanted to at least put up the notice that I'd just need some time that's all, dunno if anyone really reads these but if they do, hope you understand, ta very much.

Since the post yesterday I did manage to get some things done game wise, got my Fiji in World of Warships and the free Azur Lane captain as well, though I still need bloody practice with my aiming... yeah I'm crap heh, also while I did plan to get Jurassic World Evolution next payday, due to the personal thing and wanting to cheer myself up, did borrow some cash from my savings to get it, will be playing it over the next week.

Anyway hope everyone has a good one, take care.

10 Sunday, June 2018

Might finally be able to update the blog software on Monday


Yep, my host is upgrading the cluster that I'm on to PHP 5.6, while I could manually do it myself, I never like messing about with the htaccess crap, while I use to know PHP coding and all and could still pick up bits, I'm too far gone from understanding it all again, so I'll just let others sort that out. Luckily the mysql update that they've got planned shouldn't effect the blog, I'll be checking how the blog and other things are running after the update, things should be fine, but after checking I'll be updating the software so it's all good.

Anyway what have I been up to this week? well I've sorted out gifts for father's day and some birthdays, also have done sixteen new story plots, which along with what I've currently got waiting, should keep me busy for a good few months at the very least, which means I'll be able to get back to doing those stories next week, some of them were fairly hard to think up a good plot for, but I'm somewhat happy with what I've got ready so far.

Now then for games, well I've been getting back into World of Warships, still waiting on new British ships but I have the feeling it'll still be a long wait till something pops up, oh and have been keeping an eye on what Elite has got in store for their Q4 update, some very interesting things shown, mostly interested in the mining and exploration stuff as always, though sadly nothing to improve upon the passenger mechanics in game, hopefully next year. As for War Thunder... yeah I dunno what they are doing, though I do know I need to get back into Battletech, also I keep eyeing up Jurassic World Evolution, saw the new film and it was quite good, not magical like the original (Jurassic Park that is) but it's a decent action film.

Now then, think that'll be it for this week, have also realised that I need a new mouse.... this one is... dying on the one side, ah well, it's done me good so far, time to get myself a new one, might also need to replace my PC gamepad too, one of the thumb sticks clicks and it annoys the hell outta me... that will have to be next months problem though, anyway hope that everyone has a good one, take care all.

4 Monday, June 2018

Renham Downs Update #6

Well, time for another Renham Downs update, and have finally gotten round to doing some more work on the layout, mostly in the scenery department this time, been working on readding all the trees after removing them all to sort out the static grass, and for my first attempt, I think I've done fairly well, definitely thinking of just going all static grass next time instead of having a layer of flock under it, anyway let me show you some pictures of the layout so far.


First of all, don't worry about the nail, that's just used for doing the trees and it's easier to store it there, also don't mind the medicine cup thing, forgot to remove it when doing the pics, I just use it for when needing to dab glue in spots, but yes as you can see, the grass is more... well grass like now, also added some tufts of grass between the rails and also here and there to give some colour to missing patches, have reused as many of the old trees which were on the layout before, throwing away those which were too small really or broke during planting/removing.

Have also added two other types of trees too, some wirey bought ones which are for those thinner types of trees, not all that good looking but are mostly to flesh the wooded areas out, and also going with some 'puff ball' trees which I learnt how to make from Luke Towan's guide here, though only made two when I took the pictures, afterwards I have made more, as you'll be able to see below.

100_1913.JPG 100_1914.JPG

100_1915.JPG 100_1916.JPG

As you can see from the above, have also redone the back fields with a soil covering, as will be making these into crop fields, either with longer static grass for wheat (either green or gold depending on season) or with something else which I might have to get more scenery items for, but yeah I'm slowly adding more detail, as you can see in the two gardens I've also added a fence between them, will be using the spare bits as just scenery themselves, stuffed behind the shed as single panels, there are also some more bushy shrubs dotted around as well and I do plan on doing more interesting things with the two gardens. Yes I do know I need to give the layout a proper edging around the base of it, however that will be something done last, will also be reworking the wiring under the board as well.

But yeah I'm slowly getting there, in time the woods will look quite nice, hopefully will be able to do the roads, though not sure if to redo them with scalescenes tarmac or just leave them black with some paths around the edges, do also need to get a bus stop in there, some vehicles and also some people and animals dotted here and there too, but that will be in time, but for now that'll be it for this update, might of worked out what to do with the roads by next time, hope everyone has a good one, take care.

3 Sunday, June 2018

Time for a break, plus my thumb hurts...


Yes, my thumb hurts after cleaning a rather sharp pair of tweezers which I was using for making more trees... then proceeding to stab myself with them... yeah was rather painful to say the least, but anyway have done another story, or better to say have done another part of a longer story as I've gathered all the Castaway Jack stories and put them together into a five part story, the last part being the new one I've just done, the earlier parts do need some changes due to how my writing may have improved since I done those ones, but might be a good read, mostly just random gibberish but might get a chuckle or two.

Now then, what else have I been up to this week? Well I've been buying a crap ton of C64 games, and have gotten them all in the post now, making this month quite good for my gaming collection, still waiting on one more parcel, two cassette tape storage units, you know the kind I'm on about the kind with three drawers which hold twelve cassettes each, both two of them together. So using that for my vintage computer systems which use tapes as storage mediums, might also look into getting something for floppy disks for the Amiga, but that will have to be later, I have however managed to clear out enough space to fit another bookcase for my main console games, just need to next moth to order the unit.

Let's see, well for other games I've seen that there's some new Pokemon games coming or already out, I'm gonna have to pick up Pokemon Let's Go, my youngest Nephew plays Pokemon Go and the two games can connect to one another, so yeah I'm set for that one, there's also Pokemon Quest which is free, does have paid DLC but I'll just see what it's like first really. Now then for Jurassic World Evolution, yeah I'm gonna wait till next payday for that one, bit low on funds this month so will have to wait with everything else really.

Lastly, having done a few months worth of stories, it's time for another break, though mind you, considering I've managed to get these latest stories done quickly, have already been taking things easy, but yeah other than maybe getting some stuff ready for when I start writing again, I'll hopefully be working more on my N gauge layout or doing some games, either one really, I'd still have to go to work sadly, maybe should book some time off later this year. Which now brings this blog post to a close, shall be doing one for my N gauge layout tomorrow, though do need to make more trees, hopefully not taking my fingers with it.... anyway hope you have a good one, take care all.

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